Great Off-Road Diesel Delivery

Off-road diesel is an essential part of any truck's fueling system. Its diesel content is much higher than on-road diesel, which is a vital component of modern diesels. In addition, modern diesels need Diesel Exhaust Fluid, or DEF, to operate efficiently. This company provides a range of DEF solutions including bulk fuel totes, pallets of jugs, and 55-gallon drums. Discover more about off-road diesel solutions here.
While a tractor is licensed to run on gasoline, off-road vehicles, big farm machines, and construction equipment are unlicensed. On the other hand, trucks are considered licensed. The purpose of dyed diesel is to fuel heavy equipment, and is only available to those who need it for heavy work. The advantage of purchasing diesel that is formulated for use in these types of vehicles is that the user is not required to pay the additional tax on the fuel.
Diesel fuel is essential for commercial vehicles, and Rhino Fuel provides off-road diesel delivery throughout the county at the lowest possible price. It eliminates costly fuel islands and allows commercial drivers to fill up at their business location instead of at a gas station. Its dependable energy source means commercial drivers can rely on its service and quality. So, don't waste time and money visiting gas stations that aren't reliable or convenient.
Off-road diesel is used to power construction vehicles with transfer tanks, refrigerated trailers, and heavy duty trucks. When used responsibly, it will be environmentally friendly and free from COVID-19, a gas tax imposed to protect the environment. A tank full of this fuel can provide the power required to run any truck. These vehicles are often powered by heavy-duty trucks and have high-end diesel engines, and off-road diesel will reduce the risk of spillage on the road.
Often called red or clear diesel, off-road diesel is sold by bulk distributors. It contains a red dye that makes it easier to distinguish from the other type. Off-road diesel is cheaper than on-road diesel because it isn't taxed. However, the fuel must be used according to federal and state tax laws. Obtaining a permit and registering with the proper authorities will ensure you don't break the law and receive a hefty fine. For more information about this, visit:
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